Meet Dextr
If you are using AWS Connnect for your Call Center, Dextr can enhance your Customer interactions with voice, video, SMS, chat, web and social media integration!
Real Time Metrics
High visibility personal dashboard displays of all queues, longest caller in queue, number of call backs, agent team status and personal click to call directories!
Deep Collaboration
Retrieve and playback all phone recordings, set Holiday schedules, Open/Close for "on demand" team meetings complete with custom close prompts, supervisor "raise" hand for help! Team Chat.

Why do you need Dextr?

Because You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

AWS Certified

The entire Dextr team is certified by AWS as Solutions Architects, DevOps Engineers and SysOps Administrators.

Defined by our People

Everyone at Dextr is passionate about Call Center technology, AWS Services and Customer Care!

Powered by Knowledge

We Continue to increase our value by the day as we share our AWS expertise with each new project. Dextr is actively building AWS Call Centers every day of the year!