AWS Connect + Dextr Quick Start Contact Flows!

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OK you logged into your AWS Connect Instance, noted the instance Alias and have white listed Dextr.Cloud in your instance and are now at the portal. While admin login tab is still open to your instance, bring up another tab in your Chrome browser and fill in your instance ID and login with your AWS credentials. After answering a few setup questions that enable you to set your company name, logo and create a unique agent login URL, Dextr will run a Cloudformation template in your AWS user account.

The Cloudformation stack will create a Dextr IAM account, create a number of Lambda Functions and also an S3 Bucket for your recordings. The Lambda functions need to be added to your instance under CONTACT FLOWS on the main Connect dashboard before you login to your instance as administrator.

Dextr expects these lambda functions to be in your Contact flows and to help you model this, we have provided several “quick start” scripts that you can modify and use to take full advantage of the Dextr feature sets that enable Holiday Checks, Ad-Hoc closing with new closed prompt message to callers, Recording download and playback.

CLICK =>Registered Members can down load the 5 quick start scripts are bundled as:

  • Main Greeting (This is the entry point from an incoming call)
  • Main Queue Hold with Call Back Option
  • After Hours Call Handler
  • Agent Whisper Remove Caller from Queue
  • Xfer to VM template

The “MainGreeting” script has calls to three Lambda functions and you will need to modify the ARN in the “invoke AWS Lambda functions”. This script also assumes the use of a specific “Agent Whisper” Contact Flow Step that will also invoice Lambda.

Again, these scripts are provided as models and they will work just fine if you change all of the names and functions. For example the names of the Queues in your instance will need to be used instead of the demo queue that is referenced in the scripts. Attempt to publish the the Contact Flow and you can easily see what needs to be changed!

The Main Queue Hold with Call Back flow is called by an incoming phone call (yes every call to AWS is queued while looking for an available agent) and is referenced in the Main Greeting. If an agent is not available, this script will take over. It provides a “poor mans” Estimated Wait Time routine that offers a “call back” option or enables the caller to remain in queue for the next available agent.

The After hours Call handler is used to process the caller if they hit the queue after business hours. It offers the option to send an SMS text notification to an on call team mate. The function used is NOT included in the script.

Dextr is rapidly implementing multi-media and omni-channel options as we execute our product road map! These scripts support Dextr options through March 15, 2019.