Dextr Onboarding Notes & User Guide

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We think onboarding the Dextr dashboard to your existing Amazon Connect instance is very easy for those comfortable with the AWS Management Console and Connect dashboard.   We are pleased however, to do this for you, just give a call and we will schedule a remote install to helop you integrate Dextr.  If you go at it yourself, please note the following key steps:

  • Watch the Onboarding Video
  • White List Dextr in your Connect instance as described in the Video
  • Add the Lambda Functions to your Connect Instance as described in the Video
  • Add the Name of the Voice Recording bucket to the Storage section of your Dashboard if you want Dextr to retrieve recordings.
  • There are a few features like Ad-hoc closings and Holiday Schedules that require you to add a couple of Invoke Lambda functions to your contact flows.  You will find sample contact flows here!
  • Download the Dextr User Guide!

Please send any requests for assistance or to schedule and install to this email:  CustomerCare@Dextr.Cloud