Complete Feature Tour of the Dextr Dashboard

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The Dextr value proposition!

We are constantly updating our feature sets, but at the end of the day we are the only “no code” omni-channel dashboard for Amazon Connect. Our goal was simply to reduce the time and expense of configuring an Amazon Connect call center.   If you were to underwrite the professional service and software costs of adding the omni- channel features available in the Dextr dashboard, you would be incurring months of development and well over a $100 thousand dollars of cash outlay.   We offer this feature set with nothing to install and you can be up and running in less time than it takes to log into the AWS management console.

Dextr is a subscription that averages less than $3 a day per agent.   We use a model of 360 minutes per agent shift, 5 day week, 4.1 week month and a 50 week year.   You can pay by the meter, or by the month and we offer significant discounts for quarterly or annual prepayments.  There is a “free trial” and nothing for you to lose?

Click the dashboard to run the demo!

Wait there is more!

Remember that your Dextr subscription includes all new features for the life of your subscription and ongoing technical support for your Amazon Connect instance!    All this for less than $3 per day?