A Baby Boomer and a Millenial walked into a bar one day…….

Peter Buswell iCEO

Peter Buswell (aka DrVoIP) was working on yet another very large cloud based digital migration project. The project, not unlike many others, had a phone system with some 5K desktops spread over 600 sites and with an embedded call center supporting over 70 cloud based Agents. During the more than two years this project would take, a brilliant young software engineer named Chris Newell showed up to lend a hand.

Chris.Newell@dextr.cloud CTO

These two engineers worked side by side with a passion for their work product that most folks never get to experience in a lifetime. Both are passionate about all things VoIP, Collaboration, AWS Cloud and above all the rapidly changing Call Center Technology landscape. Chris is the brilliant, passionate, software engineer that could code anything and believed that Node.js would not only change the world, but would provide a future that would enable him to stay focused on his true passion, application development!

When Amazon announced the AWS Connect cloud based call center, it was as if the sky parted and the universe spoke! It would soon become a full time occupation that would totally consume both men.

DrVoIP had been writing custom software applications and advanced scripting components for call centers for well over a decade. Many of the applications were similar from call center to call center and rather than continue to write “one off” solutions, the company determined to productize the solutions and ultimately spun the development projects to a new company Dextr.Cloud!

Chris took on the challenge of creating the architecture of what would become Dextr.Cloud. Today Chris drives a development team that is redefining the call center space with the Dextr dashboard! Peter is focused on Operations, Marketing and Sales!

Dextr is expanding rapidly through team growth, an expanding customer base and the rapidly growing demand for Amazon based services!

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