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DextrFlex provides simultaneous voice and tasks for Amazon Connect!

What is a “task”? Amazon Web Services introduced a powerful new router function in their updated architecture for Amazon Connect.  This function, referred to as “tasks” enables you to bring your own channel to your contact center.  DextrFlex uses tasks to route fax, email, SMS and social media messages to the “next available” agent in […]

Dextr Flex Omni-channel contact center powered by Amazon Connect – Feature Tour

Dextr Flex Overview Dextr Flex is an omni-channel contact center powered by Amazon Connect.  You can add Dextr Flex to an existing Amazon Connect contact center or the Dextr team will provide a complete solution including design, deployment and ongoing support.  Dextr enables you to spin up a complete contact center in a fraction of […]

Dextr Flex adds new Real Time Metric options!

Hourly Histogram of Key Contact Center performance metrics Dextr Flex an omni-channel contact center powered by Amazon Connect – This is a silent over view of the real time metrics display illustrating metrics over a 12 hour time line! Dextr maps contacts, abandoned calls, durations, service levels, agent performance and queue performance. The team collaboration […]

Dextr Flex – Migration Configuration Steps

Dextr Flex Migration for existing subscribers   On December 1, 2021 the current Dextr dashboard will be end of life and replace with the DextrFlex dashboard.  Amazon Connect has created a new TASK router that is now incorporated into Dextr Flex.  This new router is the basis of the omni-channel architecture that Dextr introduced almost […]

How to setup Kinesis if you already have Firehouse configured

Firehouse or Kinesis Stream? Another firehose is consuming the agent event stream. I have built all the resources needed for both pipelines to co-exist. P lease note that before you do step 3 or the agent events (below), dextr will be missing a crucial piece of information and it will impact the dashboards.    Here’s […]

Dextr Click to Call for Amazon Connect

Most requested feature for Amazon Connect? Most contact centers have a CRM or other intranet resource that brings critical customer data elements to the Agent on call presentation. Generally, these are web based application and use a browser as the primary interface. Webpages ofter list phone numbers. Would it not be useful to be able […]

New Permissions for “Activity Search” in Dextr Flex dashboard

Dextr Flex Dashboard Permissions? Dextr Flex is a permission based solution in which features are made available through security profiles.  Dextr Flex comes to market with a default set of permissions for an “Admin” User and an “Agent” User.  You can however create your own security profiles and organize feature access based on your particular […]

Setting Permissions in Dextr for Historical Reporting Access

Enabling Historical Reporting Dextr provides a full Historical Reporting Option in addition to the Activity Search that has long been a key part of Dextr.  The following video tutorial shows you how to access Permissions and enable reporting for your selected role usually Admin or Agent, though you can create your own roles and  permissions […]