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Dextr Flex Decline button for incoming call?

Decline an incoming call? Generally, when a call is presented to an agent in an inbound, customer service orient contact center, the average speed of answer metric kicks in.  If an Agent does not answer an incoming call when presented, they are marked “absent” and placed in “forced release”.   This is done to reduce customer […]

Amazon Connect Historical Reporting Engine with Dextr Flex

Real time or Historical Report? If you think about reporting there is a fine line that separates a “real time” display from a “historical” record.   It would also be wise to say “near real time” as even the mechanic of displaying data takes some small amount of time.   So then, where is the line that […]

Dextr Flex for Amazon Connect releases “Bring Your Own Channel!”

Bring your own Channel Dextr Flex implements a “‘bring your own channel” that enables an enterprise to integrate any business process event with the Amazon Connect instance.   This enables business processes to be brought to the attention of any Agent or Queue in the Call center.   Some examples of where the Dextr Flex Web Hook […]

Amazon Connect – Dextr Flex enables a supervisor to change an Agent state

Forced Release In most call centers, when a call is presented to an Agent, if they do not accept the call, they are marked as “forced release”.    This requires that they manually return to “available” if they are to continue taking calls.  This strategy makes sense as there is not need to waste a […]

Dextr Flex introduces Historical Reporting for Amazon Connect Contact Centers

Slice and Dice your Contact Records! Dextr now has a full Historical Reporting Engine for Amazon Connect.   A new ICON has been added to the dashboard navigation panel,  when clicked brings you into the Historical report generator.    Click “create report” and you can then name your report, choose a reporting interval, select any or […]