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Dextr Enables Voice Analytics with LENS integration!

Dextr integrates transcriptions, comprehension and sentiment analysis ! Contact center supervisors are hungry for insight into things like whether agents are having effective conversations, whether any interesting trends in customer sentiment are occurring, or whether the agents are complying with regulatory requirements. This is challenging because audio data is virtually impossible for computers to search […]

A Dextr Feature Tour within the context of our thinking on AWS Services!

The AWS Ecosystem AWS is a remarkable ecosystem with a wide variety of advanced services to fit any requirement you can imagine!  From Artificial Intelligence, to Speech Recognition, Big Data analytics and the Internet of Things, AWS has a solution.   This is the same set of infrastructure solutions that supports Amazon the big “shopping chart” […]

Dextr Queue Based Voice Mail for Amazon Connect

Dextr can now take voice messages In our normal deployments, we usually create a “customer hold queue flow” that dictates the experience a caller will have while waiting on hold for the “next available agent”.   Typically, while on hold listening to customer care and other informational messages we will periodically invite the caller to take […]