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Dextr Global Quick Connect and Directory entries!

Dextr Quick Connects Dextr has always had a “directory” service that enabled agents to transfer callers in and out of the Amazon Connect instance, typically to the company PBX. Dextr now makes it possible to add contacts to the Directory system that can be shared with the entire call center as a “quick connect”! Just […]

Amazon Connect – Moving Agents between Queues?

Agents in Multiple Queues One of the more requested features among call center managers is to freely move Agents in and out of customer service queues!   In Amazon Connect, routing profiles associate agents with queues.  If Agent Gandalf DeGrey is a member of the Technical Support team and also a member of the Customer Service […]

Dextr CRM Options for Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect as a CRM Solution? Dextr has expanded the functionality of its existing engagement and activity modes to include a range of “CRM Light” features that significantly increase the functionality of the dashboard.    These new features enable agents to add call notes to every contact record.  On both inbound and outbound customer engagements, […]

Amazon Connect & Dextr now support Chat

Dextr Website Chat Integration The ability to integrate your Company Website with your call center is a powerful customer experience management tool.  Being able to integrate your website with a ChatBot is even more powerful, but imagine the power of being able to escalate a chat session to a voice call!  Now that is a […]

What happens after my “free trial” – Dextr Pricing Options

Now that your ‘free trail” is at an end We sincerely hope that you value your Dextr Dashboard for Amazon Connect Contact Centers and are taking advantage of these extra benefits: Ongoing Technical Support –  for both your Amazon Connect Instance (requires support option during subscription or separate service agreement) and your Dextr Dashboard is […]

Dextr Dashboard Agent audio Output Options?

I do not want to wear a headset all day! One of the first new features requested by Dextr Dashboard users was the need for headsets on WebRTC calls.    Knowledge workers who are not necessarily in a boiler room type call center, are not nailed to their desk and headsets.   When there is an […]