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Dextr Team Status Collaboration Screen Overview!

Team Status for Collaboration, Monitor and Chat! One of the features of the Amazon Connect solution is the ability to transfer an active call from one agent to another agent or from one queue to another queue.   However we plan call flows, eventually some caller will end up in the wrong queue.    Amazon Connect […]

Dextr Onboarding Notes & User Guide – Do it yourself!

Update November 2019 We are pleased to onboard Dextr for you!  Just give us a call and we will schedule a remote install to help you integrate Dextr with your existing Amazon Connect Instance.  Please send any questions, requests for assistance or to schedule an install to this email:  CustomerCare@Dextr.Cloud We think onboarding the Dextr […]

Dextr adds Email Routing for Amazon Connect!

The Dextr Dashboard for Amazon Connect Agents has added email routing to its existing voice and SMS/MMS channels.   Similar to a voice call, an incoming email message is routed to the next available in the queue assigned for email.   Dextr will collect emails, provide auto responders and route outgoing email to assure FROM field compatibility.  […]

Dextr is now Globalized for Amazon Connect Regions

Amazon Connect is Globalized If you have a call center that supports customers in various countries around the world, you have discovered another reason that Amazon Connect is the call center solution you should be building your customer engagements on.    Amazon Connect enables you to assign a phone number from a very long list […]

Amazon Connect Call Center Basic Planning Guide

Basic Amazon Connect Configuration  Overview Creating an Amazon Connect cloud based call center is relatively easy for a non-technical business process manager to implement.  You do not have to be a software engineer to get a basic inbound call center operational in a remarkably short time, often less than an hour.   Setting up a basic […]

The ROI of the Dextr Dashboard for Amazon Connect Call Centers!

Amazon Connect the Call Center! Amazon Connect allows you to tap the very rich library of AWS Services including AI, Natural Language Processing, text to speech, transcriptions and translations!   Your Amazon Connect instance is scalable, resilient and fully redundant in the most widely respect cloud on the planet.  If you can “dream”  it, you can […]

Can you “roll your own” Amazon Connect Call Center?

A Call Center just for us? Clearly we think Amazon Connect is a major disruption to the call center market and a veritable “game changer”. Most call center vendors, especially of the cloud variety, have a “one size fits all” mentality.  This is not hard to understand nor is it arbitrary or capricious.    If […]

What makes up a basic Amazon Connect Instance?

Clearly the self service configuration of an AWS Connect instance is easy enough for a call center supervisor to setup! The drag and drop “contact flow” steps are easy to understand and simplify the configuration of a basic inbound call center. There are however many other services in the AWS Cloud tool kit that even […]

A picture is worth a thousand words!

If you are in a customer service or technical support based call center, it is often easier to understand the customers problem if you can “see”it. Imagine a help desk that you could send a picture of that rack of equipment so the technician can tell you exactly which cable to unplug! Dont just call […]

AWS Connect + Dextr Quick Start Contact Flows!

OK you logged into your AWS Connect Instance, noted the instance Alias and have white listed Dextr.Cloud in your instance and are now at the https://go.dextr.cloud portal. While admin login tab is still open to your instance, bring up another tab in your Chrome browser and fill in your instance ID and login with your […]

Disposition Codes for Amazon Connect Call Center?

Using AWS Connect and wondering how to add “Disposition Codes”, those little one line notes you select at the end of a phone call? If you would like searchable Disposition Codes for your AWS Call Center you need to meet Dextr.Cloud and the many other features this advanced agent dashboard brings to AWS Connect! The […]