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Dextr adds Email Routing for Amazon Connect!

The Dextr Dashboard for Amazon Connect Agents has added email routing to its existing voice and SMS/MMS channels.   Similar to a voice call, an incoming email message is routed to the next available in the queue assigned for email.   Dextr will collect emails, provide auto responders and route outgoing email to assure FROM field compatibility.   The email is “sticky” and […]


Dextr is now Globalized for Amazon Connect Regions

Is your Amazon Connect dashboard globalized? Dextr is now available in all AWS Regions with full dial plan support!


Disposition Codes for Amazon Connect Call Center?

Using AWS Connect and wondering how to add “Disposition Codes”, those little one line notes you select at the end of a phone call? If you would like searchable Disposition Codes for your AWS Call Center you need to meet Dextr.Cloud and the many other features this advanced agent dashboard brings to AWS Connect! The activity list now allows you […]


AWS Connect Forced Release Behavior Option

Sometimes it is better to give folks what they want, rather than what they need! Over the years of working with call centers you develop a sense of what is a best practice and what is something that will be nothing but a problem! You do your best to educate folks on the issues and make recommendations that you know […]


“Live Look” for AWS Connect using Dextr.Cloud!

One of the most requested features we hear from clients when using AWS Connect , is the ability to “Cherry Pick” callers from Queue. Unfortunately, at this moment we have not yet developed that option, but we have taken the first step. Using the Dextr Dashboard HOME page, each Agent can now see near real time metrics of calls in […]