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Dextr Team Status Collaboration Screen Overview!

Team Status for Collaboration, Monitor and Chat! One of the features of the Amazon Connect solution is the ability to transfer an active call from one agent to another agent or from one queue to another queue.   However we plan call flows, eventually some caller will end up in the wrong queue.    Amazon Connect enables an Agent connected to […]


Dextr adds Email Routing for Amazon Connect!

The Dextr Dashboard for Amazon Connect Agents has added email routing to its existing voice and SMS/MMS channels.   Similar to a voice call, an incoming email message is routed to the next available in the queue assigned for email.   Dextr will collect emails, provide auto responders and route outgoing email to assure FROM field compatibility.   The email is “sticky” and […]


Dextr is now Globalized for Amazon Connect Regions

Is your Amazon Connect dashboard globalized? Dextr is now available in all AWS Regions with full dial plan support!


AWS Connect voice prompts with POLLY text to speech.

Using Polly to speed your deployment time line and increase your call center customization efforts!


Lex a conversational voice interface for AWS Connect call trees.

Historically touch tone “call trees” have over populated the IVR landscape prompting callers to “Press 1 for this and Press 2 for that”. This has been the standard since the first half of the last century! You would think that in the 21st century we would have a solution that can eliminate this kind of button pressing, sequential logic, menu […]


#AWS Connect setting Holiday Schedules and Ad-Hoc Closings!

Dextr enables you to setup Holiday Schedules and “ad hoc” Queue closings in #AWSConnect complete with a custom prompt to callers!