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Dextr is now Globalized for Amazon Connect Regions

Is your Amazon Connect dashboard globalized? Dextr is now available in all AWS Regions with full dial plan support!


AWS Connect Forced Release Behavior Option

Sometimes it is better to give folks what they want, rather than what they need! Over the years of working with call centers you develop a sense of what is a best practice and what is something that will be nothing but a problem! You do your best to educate folks on the issues and make recommendations that you know […]


#AWS Connect setting Holiday Schedules and Ad-Hoc Closings!

Dextr enables you to setup Holiday Schedules and “ad hoc” Queue closings in #AWSConnect complete with a custom prompt to callers!


Welcome to Dextr.Cloud

About a year ago, while deploying a very large cloud based call center from one of the Gartner groups upper right quadrant companies, Amazon announced AWS Connect! That was the day the disruption of all you ever knew about call centers changed forever! Most Call Centers, especially cloud based providers, have a platform that supports thousands of clients, all with […]