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“Live Look” for AWS Connect using Dextr.Cloud!

One of the most requested features we hear from clients when using AWS Connect , is the ability to “Cherry Pick” callers from Queue. Unfortunately, at this moment we have not yet developed that option, but we have taken the first step. Using the Dextr Dashboard HOME page, each Agent can now see near real time metrics of calls in […]


Dextr Explainer Video!

A Short to the point Whiteboard cartoon that outlines the features and benefits of the Dextr.Cloud dashboard solution!


Arrange a Call Back from Queue?

Setting up options for Callers waiting in Queue for “the next available representative” often include offering a call back option. Generally, it is a best practice to not offer this option immediately but queue the caller for some time before offering this option. They have already called in and you have answered the call, so let them wait a few […]