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Dextr.Cloud is the industry’s simplest, most powerful dashboard for the AWS cloud contact center. It’s new, it’s different, and it will revolutionize the way that fast, easy customer service is delivered using AWS Connect Call Center and Services. Our technology and unique AWS Serverless architecture was created by recognized contact center industry leaders with over 25 years of experience building customer service software for enterprise-grade companies. Our team includes some of the original engineers who created enterprise contact center software at ShoreTel, Teknekron InfoSwitch and CISCO as well as engineers who developed CRM solutions across a spectrum of enterprise customers. Deeply committed to the success of their customers, these founding members have infused Dextr.Cloud with a profound understanding of what it takes to build feature-rich customer service technology that is fast to deploy and super-easy to use. Today, Dextr.Cloud offers innovative cloud contact center solutions that empower mid- and enterprise-size businesses to deliver great customer experience across all communications and messaging channels, faster and easier than ever before. We are proud to be at the forefront of technological innovations and market trends for communication. Dextr.Cloud invests heavily in research and development to bring those innovations to global customers and partners.

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Dextr.Cloud wants to provide every business and organization with the ability to reach their customers on their preferred mode of communication. Dextr.Cloud affordably priced solution enables small and large businesses to form strong relationships with their customers, save time, and boost revenue while supercharging AWS Connect Call Center Deployments.


Dextr.Cloud main vision has always been to build the most comprehensive communication solution on the market. Dextr.Cloud wanted to provide businesses with powerful marketing automation capabilities to help enhance customer experience and relationships. Dextr.Cloud is making incremental daily improvements to our products and services toward fulfilling that Vision!