Dextr enables “keyword” search on Amazon Connect LENS integration

Transcription of Recordings!

Anybody who has ever listened to a run on voice mail message just to get the call back number and caller name, nows how frustrating that can be.  Especially when they race through the call back number so fast you could not catch it!   So you play it again.  Gag me with a spoon!    That is why transcriptions of phone call recording is so powerful!  Dextr enables access to the recording, provides transcriptions of the phone call when LENS was active on the recording.  (Some folks record all calls, apply LENS to all calls, or some percentage of calls as this is all configurable).

KeyWord Search Recordings!

Dextr has a feature that enables you to keyword search your transcriptions.  This is a very powerful feature for auditing performance or searching for specific customer interaction exchanges.   The following film clip shows you how this might work!