Dextr Feature Set

Agent Dashboard Feature Set Version 1.5

The list of functions and features that we have added to our CCP is still growing but we set a goal of making the dashboard painless!   For example there is nothing to install.  Our application needs to be added by your instance administrator as an application end point in the Connect dashboard.  Once that is complete, the user just points at our portal and enters their instance name (you can even upload your own logo).   The traditional AWS Connect CCP shows up and you login as normal.   Once your credentials are established, you are then presented with the revised Agent Dashboard as shown below.

AWS Connect Dextr Agent Dashboard feature set

Most folks have asked for a “team status” display.  As an Agent I want to see the status of the other agents on my team.  So the first attribute we added was just that, a team status display.    Each agent has their own Activity List showing all of their calls both inbound and outbound.   Next to each call is a link to hear the recording of that call. Supervisors can select all calls, but agents only see their own call recordings.

Each Agent has a personal contact list with contacts that they have entered for their own use.  This augments the “quick connects” that they system administrator had created.  Here is the feature list:Nothing to install! Instant Access via which has video instructions for on boarding;

    • Nothing to install
    • Just white list Dextr in your AWS Instance (see on boarding check list)
    • Create a Custom Logo and URL for your teams future access
    • SAML Support
    • Role Based Login for Supervisors, Agents and Dextr Administration
    • Pay Only for what you use!
    • No license fees
    • Team Status Display shows Agent state to team
    • Agent to Agent Voice Calls
    • Agent to Agent Chat
    • Agent Personal Activity with Click to Return Call
    • Supervisor Help Button
    • Queue Status Metrics (with escalating yellow, red indicator
    • Option to retrieve and playback Agents record calls
    • “Live View” list of all callers in queue with Caller ID
    • Searchable Dispostion Codes
    • Ability to Accept/Reply inbound SMS/MMS messages
    • Monitor Agent real time call activity
    • Search and Play back all Agent Recordings
    • Ad-hoc Queue Closings with ability to record new queue prompt
    • Push Message Alerts to Agent Desktops for Managed Queues
    • Security Role Management of all above features
    • Set “Missed Call” to wrapt time or forced release or custom behavior
    • Set Malicious Call handling for reporting

Our road map is continually releasing new feature and will also integrate our  Click2WebChat functionality as an advanced feature option to Dextr.   This would bring website co-browsing, video chat, SMS and keyboard chat into the call center!  The Dextr screen shows the Agent interface including the Video and Chat links.

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