Dextr is now Globalized for Amazon Connect Regions

Amazon Connect is Globalized

If you have a call center that supports customers in various countries around the world, you have discovered another reason that Amazon Connect is the call center solution you should be building your customer engagements on.    Amazon Connect enables you to assign a phone number from a very long list of countries around the world.  Do you have an American based call center that has a customer base in the UK?  Perhaps you are in the UK with a customer base in the United States.  Amazon Connect enables you to select a telephone number from another country and add it to your call center instance.  This enables your call center to have a “local” presence regardless of where you call center is actually situated.  This is a true globalization solution for all call centers!

Dextr is available in all AWS Regions

Amazon typically launches new services in the US-East-1 Region and then begins to role that service out to the other regions around the globe.   Currently Amazon Connect is available in the following five regions:

  • us-east-1
  • us-west-2
  • ap-southeast-2
  • eu-central-1
  • ap-northeast-1

Consistent with Amazon Web Services, check back often as services are always being added, improved and made available in additional AWS Regions!

Dextr is truly Globalized

Dextr runs on a UCaaS platform built entirely on AWS services.   Dextr is scalable, elastic, resilient and now has end points in all regions in which Amazon Connect is available.   The Dextr architecture not only supports availability in these regions but supports the dial plan necessary to each region.  Clearly in the United States you take advantage of +1 E.164 dialing easily enough, but can your dashboard support +65 OR +44?     The Dextr team has it’s roots in the VoIP PBX world and for that reason we think telephony in addition to all the other technologies that comprise a Unified Communications as a service platform.  Dextr will become available within 30 minutes of an Amazon Connect release in a new region.

The reasons for using the Dextr Dashboard are increasing day by day and we are excited to be part of a Global Call Center Solution! – DrVoIP@Dextr.Cloud

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