Dextr Onboarding Check List

The following steps outline the process of enabling your existing AWS Connect Instance to allow the use of the Dextr.Cloud dashboard! Initially, this setup should be done by your Instance Administrator. Once setup, you will have a unique URL that the rest of your team will use to log and make use of Dextr!

Step 1 – WHITE LIST Dextr! Your AWS Connect Instance administrator must whitelist in the dashboard of your AWS instance. Login to your AWS Console, select Connect, then select your instance and you should see the following screen,

Click on Application Integration, then click Add Origin and enter as shown below.

Then click overview and then hit LOGIN AS ADMINISTRATOR which will take you to your normal AWS Connect dashboard. NOTE: please copy your instance ID as you will need it in the next step!

STEP 2 – Keep your AWS Connect Dashboard in one TAB, and now open a NEW TAB in the same browser and enter

Enter you instance Alias ID in the space provided, then click “sign in with Amazon”

STEP 3 – SETUP You will see the screen below which summarizes all of your Instance information. Just click the Setup button!

Step 4 Enter General Company Information

Step 5 – Create your company unique login URL by filling in the form below with the proposed name of your login URL.

Step 6 – Click the Grant Access to Dextr button!

Step 7 Cloud Formation Template will appear as a new TAB you will need to accept by checking the Acknowledgement and CREATE button in the lower Right of the Screen. This step will produce several items that you will need to complete the Dextr configuration.

Cloud Formation Template

The cloud formation will generate several information items including a set of keys that you will then copy and past between your open TABS from Cloudformation TAB to the Dextr configuration TAB below.

Enter the keys from your Cloudformation template here!

You will also need to note the Recording Bucket name which you will add back in your dashboard under Data storage Call Recordings, just edit and past the bucket name then hit save! You will also get a Lambda function AIN that you should copy for use in your call flows for the Scheduling system (see separate instructions).

Final Step – Click on Dextr Dashboard access and you are done!

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