Dextr Pricing

Dextr.Cloud is a subscription that includes ongoing updates, support and new feature release for the life of your subscription. You will be billed, similar to the AWS strategy of pay only for what you use!

We offer a 30 minute a month “free tier” in which you may demo and use Dextr in your own AWS Connect instance! Just login at the link on our main page, or https://go.Dextr.Cloud and follow the onboarding instructions!

After 30 minutes a month you will be billed at a rate of .002 per connected minute for the first 1M minutes. For 1M-5M minutes .0015 for 5M+ minutes .0014. It is that simple!

How many minutes would you use? Think of it this way: the maximum time a phone can be off hook on a single line is 1444 minutes a 24 hour period. Lets assume that a third of this or 480 minutes per eight hour shift! As Agents get rest time and breaks along with wrap and idle time we can apply a utilization factor of 390 minutes per shift per Agent. this equates to 1,950 per week and assuming a 50 week year, this Agent will generate some 97500 minutes per year at a total Dextr cost of $195 per year, per agent! (adding in AWS Connect usage fees of .018 per connected minute would bring your total call center operational costs to $1,755 + $195 for a grand total of $1950 per Agent)!

Granted you will have some per minute cost from your telephone carrier but that can be considered equal across all platforms though AWS Connect seems to have lower dial tone costs!

Now compare the features and cost of Dextr+AWS Connect with that the current Cloud Call Center providers. All are extracting between $150 – $300 per Agent desktop, depending on feature sets (do you want fries with that coke?) as an Agent desktop license PER MONTH and can not match the functionality of a Dextr Dashboard + AWS Connect without bringing additional partners to the table, all of which increase your costs!

AWS Cloud Services range form Artificial Intelligence, to Natural Language voice recognition interfaces, transcriptions, translations, chat bots, SMS, database solutions, real time metrics and the largest library of API’s available to developers like Dextr! All of this done inside AWS and all are available to Dextr!

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