Dextr Team Status Collaboration Screen Overview!

Team Status for Collaboration, Monitor and Chat!

One of the features of the Amazon Connect solution is the ability to transfer an active call from one agent to another agent or from one queue to another queue.   However we plan call flows, eventually some caller will end up in the wrong queue.    Amazon Connect enables an Agent connected to an active phone call to be able to transfer that call.

Agent to Agent Calling and Chat!

The limitation is that the Agent must be in an active call for any agent to agent communication.  Dextr enables agents to setup voice calls or chat sessions between agent team members even when they do not have an active phone call.   This unique Dextr feature is the foundation on which future PBX like features will be added.  Today, however, Dextr makes it easy for Agents to collaborate with each other regardless of call state.

Dextr enables permission based “monitor and whisper coach”.

A basic feature that most call center managers expect is the ability to monitor and coach an Agent team member.    Dextr makes this easy through the use of the team status window.   The status of each team member is displayed and when there is an active phone conversation,  you can “right click” the team member which will bring up an option list.  If team member is not on an active call your options will be Favorite, Call or Chat.   These options, unique to Dextr, enable one team member to collaborate with another team member!

However if the team member is in an active call as shown in the Team Status display by the Caller ID next to the Agent Team Member name,  monitoring can be enabled.

This is permission based and typically a supervisor, training a new team member will be able to Right Click on the team member name.  This will bring up the option list as before, but this time the option to  Silent Monitor and Whisper Coach will be displayed.

Dextr is an advanced customer experience manager and available to any existing Amazon Connect deployment.  Just head over to Dextr.Cloud and sign up for a free trail of 15,000 minutes of usage!  We are eager to help you, so do not hesitate to contact and your email will be routed to the next available agent (another great dextr feature with no third party required)! – DrVoIP@Dextr.Cloud

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