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  • Each Dextr Dashboard enables the display of Real Time Metrics by queue or global view.  We also provide “live look” so that you can see each caller in queue by their caller identification as provided by ANI.
  • There is an Agent Collaboration Dashboard that shows the status of all agents and the time they have been in each state!
  • Agents may right click on a fellow agent and open a keyboard chat or voice call, something you can not do in Amazon Connect unless you have an active phone call to transfer.
  • Supervisors may right click on an agent with an active phone call and Monitor or Whisper Coach that agent!
  • Supervisors may push out announcements to the agent desktops!
  • Agents can “raise their hand” electronically and notify a Supervisor that they need assistance.

  • The Engage screen enables agents to manage inbound voice, text, email, chat and social media
  • Click to call Activity Screen
  • During an active phone call, consult, hold, transfer and a CRM Note field is made available.
  • All Notes taken by an Agent are associated with the caller ID and displayed to any agent that answers a call from that caller in the future.

  • The Activity Screen contains all call history for the individual Agent or the entire Agent population for a supervisor.
  • Activities include disposition codes, full CDR content, recordings and chat transcripts all searchable by any field.
  • Clicking on any activity will bring up the recording or chat transcription along with all notes taken.
  • Contact attributes used by the system to complete call routing are also saved.  For example a “Please enter your order number” or “Please enter your support ticket number” prompt to a caller will have the information entered by the caller displayed to the agent on call presentation and saved with the activity notes.

  • No need to log into Amazon Connect to manage users or move users between queues, you can do it all from within Dextr.
  • Settings include:
    • Holiday Schedule and “ad hoc” closings with custom prompt creation “sorry closed for team meeting for an hour”
    • User preferences for sound source, alert tones
    • Change “forced release” to follow “wrap time” or some other custom setting for missed calls.
    • Setup routing for text and email messages
    • Create disposition codes which appear in drop down window on call completion

Dextr is continually adding new features.  Remember your Dextr subscription includes technical support for your Amazon Connect call center!