How to setup Kinesis if you already have Firehouse configured

Firehouse or Kinesis Stream?

Another firehose is consuming the agent event stream. I have built all the resources needed for both pipelines to co-exist. P lease note that before you do step 3 or the agent events (below), dextr will be missing a crucial piece of information and it will impact the dashboards.    Here’s what to do:

Agent Events:

  1. Configured the dextr-catest-streamHandler lambda function to be triggered by your existing Kinesis Stream that is currently configured in Connect.
  2. Your existing consumer will continue to get its data and dextr will as well.

CTR Events:

  1. Created a new Firehose called ConnectCTR that is triggered by a Kinesis Stream (dextr-catest-connectStream)
  2. I did not yet apply this change in Connect because I want you to be in a position to confirm you are still receiving data in your existing pipeline (elasticsearch) just to be extra safe.
  3. When you are ready you just need to apply this config:



4. If for any reason you need to roll back the ctr stream config just do this:


Lastly, please check here for LiveLook (Contacts in queue) and Ad-hoc / holiday schedule steps: