New Permissions for “Activity Search” in Dextr Flex dashboard

Dextr Flex Dashboard Permissions?

Dextr Flex is a permission based solution in which features are made available through security profiles.  Dextr Flex comes to market with a default set of permissions for an “Admin” User and an “Agent” User.  You can however create your own security profiles and organize feature access based on your particular call center requirements.   This can all be done through Dextr Flex by an Admin user and there is not need to log into Amazon Connect to do this.

New Activity Search Permissions

With the new features of the Dextr Flex activity search, we have added some new permissions.  It may be that you want Agents to only search their own Activity, while supervisors can search all activity.  The activity includes voice, SMS, Chat and Email along with recordings and transcripts.

These permissions are easily set and the graphic below shows you just where!

Just click on the Wrench Icon in the lower left of your Dashboard and head over to User Permissions.  This is where you create new profiles and edit existing profiles.   FUN FACT:  Did you know you can even set which widgets appear on the agent desktop!