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Straightforward, pay-as-you-go pricing

Start for Free

Free trial includes all features. Go wild.

150,000 Free minutes

Deploy Dextr in minutes to start experiencing a supercharged Amazon Connect call center.

Scale Flexibly

You only pay for the time users are active.

$0.007 Active user minute pricing

Active user minute pricing accommodates your needs whether you’re working with full-time agents or scaling for seasonal traffic.

SMS has an Additional telephony charges based on usage. Phone numbers for SMS/MMS at $2 per number per month. Text messages at .015 per message in/out

  • Nothing to install! Instant access via cloud portal
  • Customizable branding and login URL
  • Fine-grained feature access via roles and permissions
  • SAML support
  • Team status display
  • Agent to Agent Voice, Video, Chat and Screenshare
  • Omni-channel Email, SMS/MMS enables text and pics to the next available agent
  • Ability to set holiday schedules and “ad hoc” closings with new close prompt (think team meeting)
  • Enhance activity reporting with click to return call
  • Directory system
  • Alert Supervisor that assistance is needed with help button
  • Queue monitor – Including live-look @ calls in queue, max waiting time
  • Search and play recordings (Own recordings and others)
  • Supervisor login/logout (change agent state), silent monitor, coach and barge in
  • Push targeted announcements to groups and/or agents for alerts and other notices
  • Choose output device notifications and customized ringtones