Take Voice Messages and Route to Agent Queues with Dextr!

Dextr takes Voice Messages!

Offering the option for a caller to bail out of a queue while waiting for the “next available agent” is a standard call center feature.  When it comes to providing that in an Amazon Connect Call Center, it is a bit more challenging.   Being able to take a voice message from a caller and then having it route to the next available agent in a specific queue, it even more challenging!   Dextr, however, not only makes it possible to take a voice mail message but it will deliver that voice mail message to the next available agent in the queue that the caller was holding in to begin with!  This is an exciting option that significantly enhances the customer experience.    This can also be coupled with a “call back” feature that further enhances the flexibility of the voice mail funciton.

Dextr routes voice messages as email or SMS text!

Dextr has long been able to route email messages.   Send an email to customercare@dextr.cloud and that email will be routed to the next available agent in the sales team queue.   Dextr functions as an email client, and allows you to make use of your existing email system including Microsoft Exchange and other popular email servers.  Configure Dextr to check the email address of a particular account and if a message is found, Dextr will route it based on instructions you setup in the Dextr email routing configuration.  When an agent accepts an email presented to them as next in queue, the email is placed in that agents email client.  The agent then uses their own email client to respond to the email.  Dextr takes the email back in, changes the from field to mask the agents direct email address and forwards it on to the original sender!

The Dextr voice message function makes use of the same email facilities.   You simply create an email address for sales@yourcompanyname.com and if a voice message is taken for the sales queue, Dextr forwards that message through its internal email routing as a wav file!  Optionally, the message can be transcribed and sent as a text message.   Dextr also has an SMS capability, so optionally voice messages can be delivered as transcribed SMS messages and sent to the Dextr text messaging function for routing just like an email!

Give us a call and we will be happy to introduce you to Dextr and the voicemail to email functions!





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