ASM an Accenture Company – Complete Overview and Testimony 

Globalstar – Mark Rowed, Telecom Director –  DrVoIP provides excellent support from the beginning of the project, through implementation, to support. Peter, Chris and their team have been very supportive in their guidance in to the Amazon Connect Eco-system. They provide great consultation, feedback, suggestions, knowledge-transfer, and training throughout the process. We’ve been very happy working with them. Their Dextr agent dashboard is a great addition to the Amazon Connect platform, and we’re anticipating further enhancements, such as the upcoming metrics reporting improvements, will further streamline and support our business needs.

DC.Gov -Washington DC – Shaw, Mick (OCTO-Contractor) – Dextr is a necessity for stand-alone Connect instances. The Native Amazon CCP simply lacks the necessary features a contact-center and customer-service representatives need to efficiently serve customers.  It takes only a few minutes to deploy Dextr on your own. Once you’re using Dextr, there’s little work required to incorporate multiple channels such as email and chat into this elegant User-Interface. The Dextr team are contact-center experts. They know the importance of collaboration in a contact-center and have made it incredibly easy for the entire contact-center team to communicate with each other and collaborate via chat or voice without the need for external UC collaboration tools such as Teams of Slack. All communication needs are covered in the Dextr UI.

While Amazon provides the tools to build your own CCP, many organizations do not have the skillsets in-house nor the time to develop and maintain a functional UI. The Dextr SaaS is ridiculously easy to deploy and extremely intuitive from both a customer-rep and supervisor perspective.  Additionally, the support team behind Dextr is one of the most responsive teams I’ve dealt with on the marketplace.

Finally, Amazon is constantly improving and making updates to their Connect contact-center service. Dextr is not one to be left behind. When Connect introduces new features, Dextr has been quick to follow and add enhancements to the interface to coalesce with new Connect features such as Contact Lens.

Thank you, Dextr Team for a solid product, your ongoing support and dedication to making your customers successful.

Sean Kennedy FMG Suite Peter and team are very knowledgeable on AWS and specifically in our case the Connect product. Dr VoIP was able to build out a brand new call flow for our main business and several other phone systems that were brought in to the organization though acquisition. Peter and team were able to meet with us, gain understanding of our needs and then able to implement a solution in AWS Connect that exceeded expectations. The cost savings of moving to AWS Connect has been huge and we look forward to a continued relationship with Peter and taking advantage of new features in Connect!

Amir Safayan Boulder Medical Center We used Dr VoIP for numerous optimizations to our call center environment and have been very pleased with his professionalism and responsiveness. We intend to use him for our first AWS based call center project in the near future.

SONYA ORME Prime Executive offices Dr VoIP is extremely knowledgeable and always goes above and beyond to get the job done. He is a true professional and has been in the IT/VOIP and similar field for 30 plus years. After working with him, I would not consider to work with anyone else.

M Albert Sebban Queentessence Inc. I highly recommend DrVoIP to anyone or business entities interested in obtaining fast responses, solutions to problems, or work needed revolving around the creation of a modern AWS Connect phone system. Peter is a fantastic person, very committed, and a true professional.

John Page Page Insurance Nothing is more important than our phones in the insurance business! Our livelihoods depend on our ability to connect with our clients on the phone. I’d recommend Dr. VoIP  to any business that puts a priority on its phones.