What happens after my “free trial” – Dextr Pricing Options

Now that your ‘free trail” is at an end

We sincerely hope that you value your Dextr Dashboard for Amazon Connect Contact Centers and are taking advantage of these extra benefits:

  • Ongoing Technical Support –  for both your Amazon Connect Instance and your Dextr Dashboard is part of your Dextr.Cloud Subscription!
  • Ever Expanding Feature Set – All new Dextr features are made available to you as part of your subscription!
  • No Charge Bursting – You are able to burst above your contracted simultaneous Agent Logins with no penalty for up to 10% of you monthly subscription.
  • Discount Schedules for prepayment: We offer the following payment options:
    • Per Agent Per month $59
    • Per Agent Per Quarter $53
    • Per Agent Per Year $48

We accept Credit Cards and Checks!  Billing is done in US Dollars!

Note on Meter Rate: We assume a 360  minute Agent Day, a 4.1 Week Month and a 50 Week Year!  In this way you can fix your costs and not worry about agents that forget to log out!

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