We design, deploy and support a fully featured inbound cloud contact center in days, not weeks and for pennies not dollars.   It can be simple voice only contact center or as more complex solution incorporating voice recognition, transcriptions, chat bots,  text,  fax and website chat connectivity.   The call center is your platform alone, not shared with any other customers.  There are no license fees, no contracts and you pay only for what you use starting as low as .025 pennies a connected minute.  Billing is completely through Amazon Web Services.

First, we send you a design planning document that will coach you through the application options and design considerations.  Once the design is agreed to, we will implement your call center and turn it over to your team for testing within three business days.  Take another two days to test, tweak and teach and then “go live”.

We deploy globally and we deploy virtually.  Most folks turn to a cloud based call center because the agents are geographically dispersed and are not all sitting in the same room but working from home or from workgroups scattered across the globe.

Integration Options

We regularly integrate with third party applications from popular CRM suppliers like Salesforce, ZOHO, Zendesk, TalkDesk and even proprietary internal solutions.  Ask us about your unique requirements!

More on Dextr!

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