What to do if your Amazon Connect instance already has a Kinesis stream that Dextr wants to replace!

An Amazon Connect instance can only support one Kinesis stream.   Dextr creates a Kinesis stream to handle Agent Events, Real time Metrics and other functions.  This stream must be assigned to the Instance for Dextr to function properly.   So if you instance  already has a stream configured then you will need to do the  following:


In the Amazon Connect Dashboard under Data Streaming, you will select the Dextr stream from the drop down window and assign it as your active stream while noting the name of the existing stream that Dextr is replacing.


Then go to Lambda Functions and find the function that Dextr created which will had ctrStreamHandler in the name as that is what you  should search for.


It will look something like this dextr-ffd28b59-af73-43ad-b598-23dcd5380985-ctrStreamHandler so just search for the ctrStreamHandler.


Open the Configuration table and Under Designer  you will see the +Add Trigger


Clicking the Add Trigger will pop up another application search list, and you should look for Kinesis. Once selected, you will find a drop down list of your

Existing Streams, select the one you want to add.  Then change the size to 5 and save the configuration.


The configuration will enable both streams to function and should not impact your connect instance!